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The Surveys measure classroom progress toward fully realized personalized learning, and help educators find the insights and perspective to continue moving forward.
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Virtual high fives! Let's keep the momentum going! To ensure the security and integrity of the information you provide, we do not save partially completed, school-related information. We ask that you submit this next part of your registration in one session.
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Ok, let's pause here. Please look out for an email from us with additional information and directions. We look forward to continuing the journey soon. —Your LEAP Survey Team
We love your enthusiasm, {{answer_zss4ty3ey6Ov}}! Currently, our Surveys are only set up for schools (i.e., groups of teachers) to participate, but we'll do our best to help. Please reach out to us at LEAPSurveys@leapinnovations.org so we can explore your options. —Your LEAP Survey Team